Shawn is a live-action and animation director based in Los Angeles. He uses his multi-disciplinary skill sets in visual arts to bring his style of creative spectacle and emotion to every project. 

Also working as a cinematographer, editor and graphic designer in both live action and 2D/3D animation, he brings that training to every project to creating stunning visuals with powerful emotional impact. 

He is currently finishing post on a vfx-packed fantasy short with his creative partner Dan Hass.  They share a special fondness for fantasy 

You’ll find Shawn in a constant state of juggling multiple projects of daunting scopes and styles… but is always looking to connect and collaborate with those who share a similar passion for creating memorable art. 

This website is a small piece of the many, many projects from his career - but it’s just the top a very large, chaotic iceberg filled with sleepless night and a never-ending quest to push a little further.